Parenting Students

十大菠菜软件 provides a range of services, resources, and referrals to ensure that pregnant and parenting students have equitable educational opportunities. By offering things like Priority Registration, Basic Needs Assistance, and On-Campus Childcare, 十大菠菜软件 is dedicated to nurturing an environment in which pregnant and parenting students can achieve academic success. All offerings are in compliance with California Assembly Bill 2881.

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Priority Registration

Students who identify as parents in their CSU application will be able to register early on all CSU campuses starting in the Fall 2024 registration period. 十大菠菜软件’s Office of the Registrar will provide updates on this process as they become available.

Basic Needs Assistance

Basic needs support, including financial, food, housing, clothing, and technology assistance, is available to all 十大菠菜软件 students on the 十大菠菜软件 Cares Get Assistance page. Pregnant and parenting students may qualify for additional on- and off-campus assistance.

On-Campus Childcare

The Child Development Center offers on-campus childcare that is licensed by the California Department of Social Services and operates under guidelines established by the California Department of Education Child Development Division. Parenting Students must apply in advance to secure an opening for their dependent.

Pregnant and Parenting Student Rights

The Title IX and Gender Equity Office ensures that students and employees are protected from discrimination based on pregnancy and pregnancy-related conditions. The Report an Incident page provides a path to report any kind of gender based discrimination or harassment, including pregnancy-related discrimination.

The 十大菠菜软件’s Notice of Nondiscrimination page further details the protections 十大菠菜软件 provides against discrimination relating to pregnancy and/or parenting.

The Pregnancy and Parenting Support page contains information on temporary medical leaves, lactation rooms, and other support.